Our values

UpperLedger is committed to being a socially responsible employer. We give serious consideration to the impact our activities may have on our clients, our employees, our suppliers and the local community in general.

When setting our corporate standards, we attach great importance to the significance of social and ethical issues. This is an area in which we differentiate ourselves.

We strive to provide high quality services and products and to adapt quickly to our clients’.

We prefer dealing with local suppliers and advertising in local publications and/or establishments to support the economies in which we operate. As well as providing employment, our objective is to help to increase the general prosperity of the areas in which we operate - which benefits the whole community.

We are committed to reducing waste and support local recycling initiatives where this is practical.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and design new services in response to market needs, frequently servicing niche markets.

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of legal and ethical standards in the conduct of its business and to operating in an honest and transparent way, without bribery or corruption being used to obtain any unfair advantage.